Home Testimonials

Narayan Highlife has beautiful amenities and good quality construction. We enjoyed very much to live here. We had a very great experience to live in a bigger house. Thank you Shivani & other NRL team to help up to get our dream house. Best of luck to NRL for future.

Harish J Rathod,
FLAT NO : G - 404,
Narayan Highlife Duplex & Narayan Highlife Apartments

Good Planning, Good Development and we are very Happy with Administration / Good Staff.

Hasmukh Patel,
FLAT NO : A - 603,
Narayan Essenza

Dreaming for a beautiful, spacious home that will give you love, attention and beautiful memories? Then Narayan Orbis is the best place for you! It offers a 4 BHK luxurious lifestyle with a very contemporary touch. This residential project is filled with modern architecture, perfect location in city as well as a beautiful living experience. We appreciate the quick, hassle-free and transparent dealings with the builders. The quality of construction is also excellent. My family is fortunate to have found such a nice home at Narayan Orbis.

Amish Chauhan,
FLAT NO : A - 14,
Narayan Orbis Phase 1

Narayan Realty has demonstrated their commitment, devotion, dedication and determination to accomplish the projects it undertakes. Narayan AURA Apartments was handed over to me in reasonable time with assured quality using finest material and the excellent construction to my utter satisfaction.

Pravin Arora,
FLAT NO : C – 804,
Narayan Aura

This is a small note to say thanks for the really professional and positive experience we had while finalising a flat for my parents at Vadodara. While we had many options in the same vicinity, we were really impressed with the layout plan and amenities Narayan Green offered. Above all, it was a pleasure dealing with your and your team and I look forward for your continued support now that my aged parents would soon be shifting to this new flat at Narayan greens.

Mr. T J Wykes,
FLAT NO : C - 603,
Narayan Greenscapes

We are very happy with the amenities provided to us. We would nurture good memories of our stay in this beautiful society for lifetime. Our interaction with the builders is very nice. We are pleased to have come to this society. Thanks for everything.

Suresh Balakrishnan,
HOUSE NO : 60,
Narayan Garden

I am impressed with the construction quality of Narayan Group. Each time we give them some feedback for modification it is done immediately. A highly co-operative team of professionals I must say!

Mr. Kalpesh Bhatt,
Unit NO : 10,
Narayan West

Congratulations for the successful completion of the project. Mindblowing hospitality, service and scheme by the Narayan Group! All the best for future projects! I would be happy to suggest your name to prospective home-buyers.

Mr. D. N Divinkumar,
Narayan Garden

When we set out for searching a flat for our son, we had gone to various localities, saw the quality of work and the response from the builders for accepting suggestions/ changes, as required in the flats. We were quite impressed with Narayan Aura, which is located in a good location- not far from city neither in a crowded locality. The room sizes are well planned and the layout very elegant. The staff entrusted with the administration was quite receptive to our requests for customised changes and were in constant touch with us to keep us informed about the progress. Whenever they are approached, they respond with smiling faces and a cordial atmosphere. The approach roads to the complex has been laid out and maintained to avoid any inconvenience to the customers—unlike many societies were we had to face a lot of road blocks and untidy roads. The service rendered by the persons in charge has been very pleasing. The layout of various buildings has been well planned and executed. Apart from the normal progress, special care is taken to ensure priority in the availability of the flat to the respective persons, who are in urgent need of shifting. We are much impressed by the personalized services rendered by the staff and their courteous behaviour. We have full satisfaction that we could find a very good house for our son in Narayan Aura- to suit his requirements.

RRS Manian,
FLAT NO :B – 902,
Narayan Aura

My experience throughout the period with all the concerned staff was very cooperative & pleasant.

Seema V NaikRane,
FLAT NO :G - 203,
Narayan Highlife Duplex & Narayan Highlife Apartments

The heaven of Waghodia Road is one and only, it can be found here at Narayan Highlife. I congratulate all the staff members and the team of excellent construction company. I thank all the engineers, architects, managers and technicians of the great company.

Bimal R Panchal,
FLAT NO : B - 202,
Narayan Highlife Duplex & Narayan Highlife Apartments

Excellent Planning, Good Construction.

FLAT NO : D - 704,
Narayan Essenza

Good Management & Organised very Well. Thanks.

FLAT NO : D - 604,
Narayan Essenza

Nice, Good Support and everything is good.

Sanjay Shah,
FLAT NO : E - 503,
Narayan Essenza

Very Well Organized event. Very Happy with entire Narayan Essenza Service team.

Dhaval T Shah,
FLAT NO : B - 101,
Narayan Essenza

Very Good Work & Experience. Thanks a lot.

Ravish Majmadar,
FLAT NO : A - 303,
Narayan Essenza

Wonderful, Overall project is great.

Hemaben Panchal,
FLAT NO : B - 503,
Narayan Essenza

Well Organized. It’s too Good!

Jean Amaral,
FLAT NO : A - 204,
Narayan Essenza

Good arrangements in Gym.

Juban Thomas,
FLAT NO : D - 301,
Narayan Essenza

Indeed Some Commendable Work!

Rakesh Ranjan & Rajesh Ranjan,
FLAT NO : D - 204 & D - 202,
Narayan Essenza

Very Well Organized and very good facility.

FLAT NO : E - 701,
Narayan Essenza

Very Good Decoration & Happy to be part of Narayan Essenza.

Amol Cholkar,
FLAT NO : E - 202,
Narayan Essenza

A Place where you want to stay with your family & Parents. Very good place for entire Family. Programme is also well organized.

FLAT NO : A - 304,
Narayan Essenza

Looking at the excellent reputation of the Narayan Realty Group and superior quality of construction I booked a house at “Narayan Orbis” during the starting phase of the project. In fact I encouraged two of my friends to do the same. During the development phase we would make regular site visits and requesting for small construction alterations which were duly met with full satisfaction. We also observed that the raw material used for the construction was excellent as promised. After completion, I have recently shifted to my new home and it feels like heaven. I am very much thankful to Narayan Realty team, who have been there not only in the capacity of builders or businessmen but as our genuine well-wishers. Thanks for making our dream of owing a beautiful home come true.

Madhu Pathak & Om Prakash Pathak,
FLAT NO : C - 22,
Narayan Orbis Phase 1

Over all experience of interaction with "Narayan Aura Team" is very good. All Team members are very responsive and quick to solve your queries regarding construction , documents required etc. I Wish them All the Best for their future endeavors.
With Best Regards,

Amol Dighe,
FLAT NO : B - 301,
Narayan Aura

Purchasing property is major decision for people like us. Creation of national POWER Infrastructure across the country does not leave with much time to think explore much option. in such situation, Pre-approved property by major hoanloan providers,excellent constructions well explained by Marketing team helped me to take decision for purchase this property. My family is enjoying bliss of high quality living in serene atmosphere of Narayan Green for last 10 months. It has been fantastic experience with Narayan Reality.
With warm regards sincerely yours

Mr.Rajesh Kumar,
Duplex No : 31,
Narayan Greens

Congratulation for completion the project and thanks for giving more than expected facility. I would like to thank to pranav and his team. I would like to recommend to all my friend.
Thanks again.

Narayan Garden

All arrangements are very nice. You have always taken care of our big and small requirements and fulfilled every wish that we have. Best wishes to you!

B.k Saxena,
Narayan Garden

Congratulations for the completion of the project & all the best for the future. Keep up the good work.

Shewta Sidhapure,
Narayan Garden

Club house, indoor games and gym are excellent. Proper trained persons should be there to guide to others!

Pratik Panchal,
Narayan Garden

I am absolutely comfortable.

Mr. Ashish Mahajan,
Unit NO : 15,
Narayan West

Firstly I like to congratulate you Pranav bhai & your team for completing the project. As a gesture whenever a person takes a task to start a project there are difficulties and some complaints that crop up. But for this project I am more than satisfied. Thanks to Narayan Team for your co-operation. Good work ahead!

Mr. Samik Pankaj Shah,
Unit NO : 6,
Narayan West

Narayan West is a place where we have a natural and clean environment that we miss in the cities. Coming from the Reliance Township we found the same natural, peaceful and clean environment in this society with beautiful homes. Love it here! Happiness is the key to success so be happy & spread happiness.

Mr. Rajnikant Jaimini,
Unit NO : 9,
Narayan West

Dear Mr. Pranav
I am pleased to inform you that what Narayan Realty Ltd. has proposed in specifications, lift etc, the same things has been provided. We are really thankful to Narayan [realty ltd] for that. We are really happy with all the accessories provided in it. Thanks
Mehul Mistry (Emirates Transformer & Switchgear ltd, Dubai)
Tejas Mistry (FAG, Vadodara)

Mehul Mistry and Tejas Mistry,
FLAT NO : B - 401,
Narayan Highlife Duplex & Narayan Highlife Apartments

Narayan Highlife has presented a fabulous gift to us in shape of my own home. I feel pleasure in my flat.

Jitendra Kumar,
FLAT NO : G - 303,
Narayan Highlife Duplex & Narayan Highlife Apartments

Nice thoughts, Nice professional approach.

Meher Gupta,
FLAT NO : B - 101,
Narayan Highlife Duplex & Narayan Highlife Apartments

Very Good Planning and Well Managed.

Kiran Baba,
FLAT NO : B - 204,
Narayan Essenza

Wonderful Staff! Great Construction too. Love the event that got all of us together.

Sharmila Divatia,
FLAT NO : B - 804 & F - 802,
Narayan Essenza

Excellent Staff Co-operation. Excellent timely Work.

Rajendra Thakkar & Tapan Thakkar,
FLAT NO : C - 203,
Narayan Essenza

As per Commitment. Very Good Project.

Mahek Gandhi,
FLAT NO : D - 103,
Narayan Essenza

Good Project, Nice ambience & relatively good quality – well satisfactory.

Abhishek Jain,
FLAT NO : B - 503,
Narayan Essenza

Exquisite, Eye Pleasing.

Nishant Gandhi,
FLAT NO : F - 604,
Narayan Essenza

Very Supportive & Positive Attitude. Thanks.

Dipen Ruparlia,
FLAT NO : A - 504,
Narayan Essenza

It’s very nice to be a customer of Narayan Realty Ltd. and it’s a pleasure to be part of the Narayan Essenza Family.

Manoj Sitapare,
FLAT NO : E - 501,
Narayan Essenza

It was like abode experience and would like experience the same for lifetime. All the best to Narayan Essenza Family.

Muvali Chari,
FLAT NO : C - 103,
Narayan Essenza

I am happy to be part of Narayan Essenza Family. I am also happy with the amenities provided in the project.

Arun L Patel,
FLAT NO : C - 301,
Narayan Essenza