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Land & Property purchase management is a specialized area of operation where buyers or organizations do not venture owing to the several legal, management, technical and conceptual intricacies. Very few companies have adequate knowledge and expert know-how to provide the service of Land & Property purchase Management on a large scale. We at Narayan Realty Pvt. Ltd. are one of them.

Our wide experience in land deals and land purchase is used for the benefit of the investors and industrial organizations looking to purchase land for industrial use or other applications. We are well versed in the nitty-gritty and the legal and bureaucratic intricacies of such big deals. When one has to buy a piece of land of more than 10 acres [4,35,430 sq. feet] in area, a large number of landowners having rural background can be involved; not to mention different government agencies and local self-governments for various permissions. Again, dealing with educating and convincing people who are illiterate or semi-educated requires special treatment and is a tough job indeed. We have earned the knack to do this job effortlessly and are a trusted name in making such deals successful and hassle-free for our customers.

We provide the following services for land dealing and purchase:

Survey / Investigation:
For any project to be successful or any investment to yield the desired return, choosing the right location is important. We learn the purpose of acquiring the land which helps us in surveying the details of the land available and its potentiality. If the land is not carefully selected or is wrongly selected without knowing the future growth prospects along with the legal and technical intricacies, the project can be stalled and investment can become wasted.

Liaison and Documentation:
Land acquisition undergoes one of the most rigorous bureaucratic and legal processes in the country. If you are acquiring land for any purpose other than agricultural you have to obtain various permissions from different government authorities, prepare a lot of documentation and paperwork. Our expertise and goodwill help you in preparing the right paperwork and perfect documentation, coordinating with various government agencies for land clearances. The process is time-consuming as well as needs full proof knowledge of the system and legal clauses and also needs tremendous coordination. We provide services by employing our goodwill, knowledge and experience.

Architectural Services :
Narayan Realty Pvt. Ltd. provides architectural services on land acquisition to its customers. We offer services in the field of designing industrial structures, development of townships and even interior designing. Our expert team understands the requirement from the customer’s viewpoint, budget, etc. and employs the best skills to make it highly successful.

Complete Purchase Management :
Complete purchase management is like a turnkey project of land acquisitions and clearance. We provide the service of consulting, coordinating, complete purchase procedure and completing documentation as per the prevalent norms. We are thus a one-stop solution for all small, medium and mega projects offering solutions right from land survey, acquisition & clearance, documentation, planning & architectural services to the final construction.